The Joys of Physiotherapy

Let me just say that my shoulder is great!  Yes, the crappy shoulder that has been bothering me for months.  The shoulder that has limited my yoga.  The shoulder that has interrupted my sleep.  The shoulder that keeps me from reaching anything or putting on my coat with ease.

Three weeks of physiotherapy by the greatest PT in the world has increased my mobility almost 100%.  And I can downward dog again.  Oh, the joy!!  The excitement!!  The relief!!

Is physiotherapy a great job or what?!

In other news, it sorta looks like spring in Ottawa.   The sunshine is poking through the clouds.  The temperature is desperately trying to climb above freezing.  After 4 months of snow, the possiblitity of spring is starting to become real.

Canadians always think that spring is a miracle, because sometimes it feels like it might just not happen.

In other news…..

I went on my first job interview in many, many, many years!  A financial headhunting firm contacted me to set it up.  And they LOVED me!  They didn’t even blink when I told them how much money I wanted. 

I had absolutely no idea.  When you’re in the same job for many years, you forget how valuable you are and how much you’re worth.  Never mind the market, the Boss forgets how valuable you are and takes you for granted.

Let’s see if they can come up with the perfect job.

I went to a yoga class last night with University Girl.  Don’t you love spending time with friends who always make you smile, and enjoy your time together? 

We didn’t love the yoga instructor because she wanted to chant a whole song – but it was fun to laugh about it afterwards.  An ohmmmmmmmm is plenty of chanting for me.

Off to do some Blue Bamboo work.  Nameste, friends.


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2 responses to “The Joys of Physiotherapy

  1. “When you’re in the same job for many years, you forget how valuable you are…. ” That is so true! I have a friend who interviews frequently even though he is happy in his current job…just to keep perspective on his value and eyes open for better opportunities. Yeah for your shoulder!

  2. wow, that’s great improvement for your shoulder! so glad you can downward dog again – and i love the photo of the dog downward-dogging it. hope you continue to notice improvement and the worst is behind you!
    that’s exciting job news! are you going to make a switch?
    spring MAY arrive in waterloo shortly – we still have so much snow on the ground! but the temp is to get above zero today. melt, snow, melt!

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