March is over.


March is always a crazy month at work – with our biggest client’s year-end March 31, we have alot of deliverables to manage.  And it’s DONE!

It’s a loungy Saturday morning and I’m watching NBC Saturday morning with coffee and some fresh pineapple.   Chillaxing, to quote my nieces.  🙂

This is obviously not me, but I need a t-shirt like this for work.  I’m not sure anyone would bother to pay attention, but it might be worth a try.

The snow is gone and it’s going to warm up this afternoon.  It actually feels like spring.  The sun is shining and there is a light breeze.  There will be a long walk in my afternoon and perhaps some yoga.  This girl needs to zen a little bit.  Perhaps I’ll even try to book a massage.

Also not me, but it sure looks good.

The shoulder is really good – almost back to normal and I have one more physio appointment remaining.  My therapist-friend has now gone into matchmaking mode.  She’s trying to fix me up with one of her husband’s law student’s dad.  (Make sense?)  She’s so sweet, isn’t she?

I”m still a bit brain dead, so I have nothing new to add.  More thoughts on life later……




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