So, I had dinner last night with Younger Sis and Bro-In Law who turned 56 yesterday.  Nice evening – relaxed and easy.  I had Swedish Meatballs for the first time.  It’s BIL’s favorite dinner made for him by his loving wife.

BIL took the winter off work and taught skiing (his passion) 7 days a week.  His joy in teaching people a new sport is written all over him and he is calm and glowing from spending his time doing something he loves.

Compare that with my usual whining and complaining about work.  Hmmmmmm……

On top of that, he played hockey which he also loves 2 or 3 nights a week.  He’s fit, trim, strong and happy.

I want that to be me!

I came home with this.

Sorry for the blur.  I was shaking with anticipation.  I did not plate it to take this picture because I knew I would eat it for breakfast if I did.

I did eat this instead – semi-healthy.

See?  No shaking when photographing peanut butter and banana toast.  And I’m a food blogger today.

The plan for the day is to be energetic and further my plans to feel great when turning 50.  I’m envious of BIL’s happy energy and it’s good motivation to get to that happy place myself.

This includes planning ahead and having healthy food for the coming week.  I’m baking these babies as I write.

Blue Menu = healthier than regular entrees.

Also planned for this afternoon, after picking up some veggies and fruit, is a long walk.  It’s still pretty chilly and a little windy, but it’s sunny and bright.

I have the cutest garden shed ever, if I do say so myself.  Didn’t I time that picture well?  Look at that Canadian flag flying!  The stubborn little patch of snow is finally gone,  and my yard needs a lot of work…..

I’m inspired and off to enjoy my day.  Enjoy yours.

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  1. Your shed is adorable! I made cupcakes yesterday and desperately wanted to have one this morning before breakfast. Fortunately, I was able to resist. But not for long. 😉

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