A Word on Role Models

I come from a family of underachievers.  In fact, we’re encouraged to be quiet, don’t reach, don’t attract any attention (in case you fail) and for God’s sake, don’t think too highly of yourself.

That may have worked reasonably well a half century ago in a small rural community, but it certainly does not serve me well now.  It’s a constant battle, in fact.

However, it’s difficult not to model the patterns of our parents – be they good or bad.

But every now and again, if we’re very lucky, we find role models in the bigger world who teach us (read:  women) how to be bigger, better, smarter, stronger, braver, and faster.

I was reading Caitlyn Boyle’s blog this morning (Healthy Tipping Point) where she featured Elaine.  Wow!  Elaine is 71, has run more than 100 marathons, raised 7 children, written 4 books, survived cancer and won Mrs. South Dakota!

I wonder what kind of energy you must have to accomplish these phenomenal things.  I come from a very low energy family, and I want to change mine.  I want to have lots of mental and physical energy.  Do they go hand in hand?  Do you get more mental energy when you have lots of physical energy?  Or do you need the mental energy to manifest the physical energy?

Questions for the ages, I guess.  In the meantime, I will use my awe and respect for Elaine to push myself a little harder today.  Perhaps I’ll put an extra mile on my sneakers after work.  Perhaps I’ll add an extra vegetable or two to dinner.  Perhaps I’ll take all my vitamins today.  Perhaps I’ll get to bed a little earlier tonight and get up a little earlier tomorrow.

Good motivation for a sunny spring morning.

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