Menopause Symptom Inventory

Since this blog is titled “Flowing to Fifty”, I thought I would address some of the interesting things that have been happening to me as I approach my (somewhat unwelcome) milestone.

Menopause gets a lot of press these days, whether it’s about HRT, or weight gain, or aches and pains.  Interesting to absolutely no one…..unless you’re in the middle of it, I guess.

Where am I in the process?

Almost nowhere.  I think I’m a late bloomer, maybe?


1)     hot flashes – none.

2)     night sweats – none.

3)     irregular periods – I’m like clockwork.

4)     loss of libido – sadly, not a problem.  🙂

5)     moodiness – well, I do have a lot less tolerance for bullshit!  I’m not sure that’s a bad thing.  Know what I mean?

6)     sleep disorders – sleep like a rock.

7)     difficulty concentrating – all good here.

8)     memory lapses – nothing yet.

9)     weight gain – this has always been an issue, so I’m not sure if this has changed.

10)  Incontinence – no, thank God!

There are tons of other possibly symptoms that make menopause sound like torture-by-hormones.    No wonder we all dread it.

The changes I’ve experienced have been relatively few.  I gain weight more quickly. I’m a little slower.  PMS lasts a little longer (Yay!  Just what we all need – more PMS). I’m a little creakier.   All in all, not much to complain about, really.

Except the shoulder, damn it!

Oh well, how would I appreciate all the great stuff if there wasn’t something to complain about?  🙂


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2 responses to “Menopause Symptom Inventory

  1. Mindy Kelner

    I’m almost 54 and I have everyone of them. I’m miserable. You’ve inspired me to blog on this. Thanks!

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