Sugar, sugar!

So, tonight is my last night at Blue Bamboo.  I’ve decided that working at BB is taking away the zen for me.  I need to come here to do yoga, not think about the workings of the place.  So from now on I’ll be a yogini, not a volunteer/staff member.

Good decision, I think.

This post is about sugar.  Because it’s Easter weekend. 

I have a creaky 49 2/3 years old molar.  In fact, it’s cracked.  And infected.  Brought on by work stress, I’m convinced.  And I need a root canal.  But I have the best dentist ever, and I’m not ‘ascared.  I’m not a ‘fraidy cat.  No, not me.   Dr. Junior is 12 years old.  Well, he looks that way anyway. 

I have good drugs – antibiotics and pain meds.  Dr. Junior asked me if I was OK for the weekend.  I said I was fine.  Chocolate melts in your mouth, after all.  No need to chew.

Last night, I couldn’t sleep from dentist-anxiety and I was definitely nursing a sore jaw.  Big tooth ache.  I had been eating really well all week in spite of my dental dilemma.   But I needed big comfort.  So I reached for the can of frosting I purchased for the cupcakes I’m bringing to a family dinner Sunday.  No judging please.  I have an infected molar. 

After 2 or 3 tablespoons of frosting, the pain subsided.  No kidding.  Or at least my brain stopped reacting to the pain signals travelling from my tooth to my brain because it was in a sugar coma.  Interesting phenomena.  I was delighted and very curious.

What was doubly interesting is that while I was eating the frosting, I was reading this article in the New York Times Magazine, Is Sugar Toxic?  Yes, I know that seems crazy.  Once again, no judging please.  The link is below because WordPress wouldn’t put it where I wanted it.

The author has the personal opinion, based on years of journalistic research, that sugar is not only making us fat, but that it also has properties that cause cancer.  Scary stuff.

On one hand, sugar made me feel much, much better for a little while.  On the other hand, it might be the most toxic substance that we voluntarily consume.

Life is often a paradox, isn’t it?

Much like my yoga dilemma.  I signed up to volunteer/work  at Blue Bamboo to get free unlimited access to yoga, only to find that the arrangement stole my zen and I lost my love of yoga.

Deep thoughts.  They may be pharmaceutically induced.

Have an evening filled with ease and blessed reflections on this Holy Thursday.

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