Easter Chocolate

Well, Easter is over.  And all the chocolate in the world is on sale!

If I needed a reason to behave myself around all that cocoa-y goodness, my root canal this morning certainly provided it.  Dr. Junior (who, as mentioned before, is 12 years old and brilliant) loves Easter.  His words:  “I LOVE CHOCOLATE!  It’s great for business!”

No kidding.

What’s very groovy is that I could watch the whole thing on a screen above me.  Not for the faint-of-heart, but definitely very high-tech.  Let’s see how things feel when the freezing comes out.

This is not my x-ray, but mine look just like this.  That’s what growing up in a small town with no flouride in the water means.  Big fillings.

Blowing off work for another day.  That’s a 5 -day Easter weekend.  Then I have 2 days to work, and I’m off on Friday for the Royal Wedding. 

Younger Sis, who told me I was a FREAK for making plans to get up early to watch the festivities, has invited herself for a sleepover and some coffee and confetti on Friday morning.    Ha!  It seems she’s getting wedding fever too.

Peer pressure is a wonderful thing.

We might need cupcakes for breakfast.  Don’t tell my dentist.


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