Pain Free

Today was a GOOD day.  Capital letters.

It’s the first day in weeks I haven’t had a sore tooth.  Hallelujah!!  Nothing like a $1000.00 root canal to fix the problem.  Thank God for health benefits. 

And thanks to a lot of good drugs, even my shoulder feels great.  This is the secret to feeling great at 49 and 2/3 years old.  A solid pharmaceutical program.  Sadly, it can’t continue or I’ll be doing some rehab!

We’re about to set a rainfall record in Ottawa for the month of April.  On no level is this good.  This girl needs to get some fresh air and sunshine sometime soon.

Do you think Kate is getting any sleep?  I bet she’s got a pharma program going too.  🙂

So, this was the photo of Kate as she was leaving her folks place.  The photog’s are betting this is how she ISN’T going to wear her hair.

Younger Sis and I are prepped for our All-Wedding-All-Day plans.  Wine, pizza, cupcakes and pedi’s on Thursday night.  Champagne, orange juice and tiaras on Friday morning.  Is this great or what????

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