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Workout:  45 min. walk after work, 30 min. walk at lunchtime

Summer has arrived.  It’s really here!  The sun shone today.  The birdies are singing.  

Everyone in my neighbourhood is mowing the lawn. 

There are 357,000 kids at the soccer park around the corner, laughing and screaming. 

Ahhhhhh……it’s summertime.

The windows are open and the smell of lilacs is wafting in the house.

The down duvets are off the beds and the matelasse bedspreads are cool and crisp.

This girl is relaxing on the back deck with a glass of wine after a nice walk and a few chores.

Ahhhhh……it’s summertime.


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A New Week

Clearly, I’ve been off the grid for a week.

Workouts:  building Noah’s ark.  Kidding.  Sort of.  And that’s it.

It’s been raining for a whole week.  The skies cleared this afternoon, but there are mushrooms growing on my front lawn.

OK, first, job news.  I did not get the job I interviewed for on Tuesday.  In fact, I didn’t make it past the first round of interviews.  In spite of being the most experienced, the interviewer was a CA, and only accountants made it to the second round.

In truth, I didn’t connect with her at all, and had a bad feeling coming out of the interview.  Bad enough that I was hoping that I didn’t get it because I didn’t want to have to turn it down.  It’s bad to turn down a job when a headhunter has arranged the interview – they think you’re a total loser and won’t send you on any more!  Intuition is a very impressive thing, I must say.  Nothing about the interview gave me a good feeling, and I was clearly in tune with that.

I also refined the vision of the Great Fun Job.  I don’t want to work downtown.  I don’t want to have an hour long commute each day, nor do I want to take public transit or pay $200/month for parking.  Note to self:  the new job must be within 30 minutes of home.  Check.

That first interview was interesting:  it was a bit like losing my virginity again!  Whew!  Much better now that it’s over.  Whether it’s sexual or career, the first time is highly over-rated!!

With the stress of interviewing and waiting for a response, eating well and working out went out the window.  Fail.  And it poured all week long!  Big fail.

Thursday night, I had a couple of glasses of yummy red wine and some appetizers at a groovy place called DiVino\’s Wine Studio.  There was a whole wall of wine!

The Hot French Lobbyist invited me – very thoughtful.  I think he wanted to give me a chance to vent about the interview.  He’s so sweet.  And hot.  Really hot.  Just sayin’.  😉

Friday night, I had popcorn, pizza and Bacardi Breezers with Best Friend.  It was raining.  We also watched a movie – Blue Valentine.  It was beautifully acted and absolutely depressing.  Total downer.

And now it’s Sunday night, and it’s time to go back to work.  Chocolate will be consumed tonight.


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I thought I would continue the “days” theme, but just for today.  Then, it’s just old.

Workouts:  Saturday – 2 hours gardening;  Sunday – none;  Monday – 5km walk

It’s a gloomy holiday Monday, which is just fine with me.  I’ve been running errands, and working in the yard, and getting stuff done.  They don’t call it Vic-CHORE-ia Day for nothing!

Today, other than visiting a gardening center for flowers for the front planters, I’ve been lounging around the house.

I read this book – First Family by David Baldacci.  On sale at Chapters for $7.99.  It was pretty good.

Now, I’m watching Oprah – the third last show – and I’m blubbering like an idiot!  I haven’t watched the final season regularly, but this is quite touching.

Now I’m going to have to watch tomorrow and Wednesday (the final show)!

Tomorrow morning is my job interview.  Feeling a little nervous, but I think I’m ready.  Mom is going to Mass tomorrow morning and I’m finishing my research now.

Wish me luck.

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Summer Days

Do you see a theme in my titles?  It’s all about the weather it seems.  This is true for all Canadians.  We live and breathe by the weather – likely because our summer and sunny seasons are so short.  NO ONE IN THE WORLD enjoys summer more than Canadians.

Activity this week:  none.  No excuses.  Just none.

It’s a glorious summer day on this long Victoria Day weekend. 

Which almost makes up for 10 straight days of rain.  My grass is cut.  The front shrub beds are weeded (still need mulching), and I’m ready to plant flowers.  Yahoo!  I’ll take pictures when I do.

Big news:  I have a job interview on Tuesday morning.  I took the day off anyway to enjoy a 4-day long weekend and this is a perfect way to spend the morning.  I’m really looking forward to trying out my big-girl interview skills.

It’s been 21 years since I’ve interviewed with a prospective employer for a job.  I was 28.  Now I’m all grown up.  I have a good feeling about this.  The possible job has 4 weeks holidays, and 24% more money than I made this year (14% more than the highest I’ve ever made with my current company).  I’d say that’s worth changing jobs.  And I believe that the job is……nice.  Calm.  Productive.  Which would be a big change from my crazy, problem, crisis-heavy job. 

Question:  If I have an easier job, with more money, will I have more energy for my personal life?  Will I have more mental energy to socialize, to workout, to eat better, to find joy?  I certainly hope so.

I feel that this is the year to make changes.  I’m going to be 50!


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Rainy days

Workouts:  Wednesday – 30 min walk lunchtime,  Thursday – 30 min walk lunchtime & 60 minute walk after work,  Friday – not a darn thing!

Like much of the northeast US, eastern Canada is water-logged this weekend.  And it’s going to rain for a week.  Might be some serious lounge time ahead.  Or I’m going to have to make like a duck.  Could be a good excuse for new rubber boots!My heart goes out to all the folks who live along the Mississippi River this weekend as officials open up the spillways to relieve the water pressure and endeavor to save New Orleans and Baton Rouge from massive flooding. Tough times.

Can I just say that I bombed on the Dukan Diet Protein Extravaganza?!!  If the Middletons did this before the Royal Wedding, they deserved to be thin.  It was tough.  I stuck to the first 5 days of only protein.  And I hated it.  The only good thing was that I wasn’t hungry most of the time.  But by the 5th day, I felt like crap.  There might have been a good reason for that (sorry for the pun, and for the indelicate subject) because there had been no bathroom activity, shall we say, for 5 days!!!  Definitely a bad thing.

It was an interesting experiment, and I learned a lot about how to keep myself more satiated, but I could never eat this way for any length of time.  I missed the fruit and vegetables….almost more than the grains (and the wine 🙂  ).  It’s back to normal healthy eating for this girl.  Bring on the fiber!  Fiber is our friend.

I stole that beautiful picture from here.

I also had a short orientation session at my new gym Friday morning before work from Trainer Guy.  He was an Arnold Wanna-Be.  No kidding.   I am not unknowledgable (such a word?) about resistance training, having spent years in gyms and researching healthy living.  He was cute, enthusiastic and sweet, but he lost me when he tried to convince me I needed to do calf raises.  Seriously?  What woman wants bigger calves?  I carry any weight I need to lift on my butt already!  The only calf raises I need to do will be in a pair of these….

More later….I need a coffee refill and to check out People mag online.

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Sunny days

Workout:  Monday – 30 min walk lunchtime, 60 min walk after work.  Tuesday – 30 min walk lunchtime, 45 min walk after work.

Such is working out on lovely sunny days – all I want to do is be outside.  Coworker A and I have decided to fit in a quick walk at lunch to enjoy the sunshine.  Best Friend and I will resume our after-work walking program from last autumn which means we’ll be walking 5 times a week, weather permitting.  It finally feels like summer.  It’s good…..

Today is the end of Day 3 of the Dukan Diet Protein Extravaganza!  It’s quite interesting – I’ve never done an only-protein diet before.  I’m not hungry.  Shocking.  Just for kicks, I’ve been keeping track of calories.  Yes, that’s my idea of kicks because I’m a nerdy numbers girl.  I’m eating about 1000 cals/day which is quite low.  However, I’m not hungry.  If I were eating noodles and fruit salad, I’d be starving.

That said, I’m also a girl who gets her kicks from good nutrition and I will be glad to add back all the veggies I can eat.  Baby spinach is da bomb!!

And because all things health-related fascinate me (my favorite web healthy news site) , I thought this picture was pretty interesting as well.

These are slices of medical imaging shots of two women.  I’m not the least bit surprised about the fat on the thighs and arms – that’s the stuff we all weep and wail about.  What really surprises me are two things:  the fat in the belly cavity around the organs, and the state of the heavy woman’s ankles.

We all focus on how we look – what we see in the mirror.  It’s what we don’t see that’s scary and deadly.

Another reason to keep moving and stay healthy.  And because I’m grateful for my good health, there may be a little yoga in the sunshine puddle from my front window.


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Happy Mom’s Day

Workouts:  Sat – 7.5km walk, 20 min yoga.  Sun – 1 hr yardwork, 20 min yoga

Happy Mother’s Day to my sweet Mummy and all the other mom’s in the world.  We are blessed to have you.

It’s been a sunny spring weekend here.  Absolutely lovely.  Although it’s starting to cloud up a bit, that’s OK because I love to live in my laundry room on Sunday evenings.  Love it.  NOT!

Younger Sis, Bro-in-Law and I went out last night and it was the funnest evening I’ve spent in a long time.  One of BIL’s hockey buddies plays in a band – old time ’70’s rock.  Think the Doobie Brothers and Sweet Home Alabama.  Fun, fun, summertime music.

We decided to support Hockey Buddy’s musical career by checking out the pub he was playing in last night.  OH.  MY.  GOD!  I swear it was a parallel universe.  Where 60 year old polyester-clad ladies sang country karoke (Who’s Bed Have Your Boots Been Under!), and 70-year old Greek men were rapping.  I kid you not!!  🙂

It was the funniest thing I have ever seen.  And the band was actually not bad.  We were home before midnight because I’m really Cinderella and there were definitely no princes in sight.

On food news, fueled by our obsession with all things Royal these days, Younger Sis and I have decided to try the Dukan Diet.

Apparently Carole Middleton (and Kate and Pippa maybe?) has done this high-protein, low-carb diet.  That’s Carole in the green, and Prince William leaping.

And because I’ve become a Middleton stalker, see the pic of Pippa diving, below.

I have much more weight to lose than Sis (mentally too), but we’re going to do it together. And then we’re going to get matching white bikinis.

So, burgers have been BBQ’d, chicken has been baked, yogurt has been purchased and we’re ready to go.  In the initial Attack phase, it’s all protein for about 5 days.  After that, all the veggies (non-starch) are added back in.

But there is no wine.  Or chocolate.

This could be interesting.


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