Beltane – Happy May Day

Workout:  7.5km

It’s the beginning of a new season.  Today is May Day – or Beltane if you’re of the ancient Druid philosophy.

This is a very tame picture of the fire/fertility rites of days of old because I’m a prudish middle-aged hen.  Ahem!  OK, maybe not.

May has dawned bright and sunny and warm in Ottawa.  Finally.

It feels like being reborn.  Energy runs high.  People emerge from their homes after hibernating all winder long.  Sneakers are donned and Garmins are charged up.  Time to get moving again.

I got a great deal   (Living Social)  on a gym membership – 3 months for $50.  Yahoo!  I’ve registered and am awaiting my orientation appointment which I hope will be tomorrow.  I have 47,000 cupcakes to work off.

15 weeks until the big 5-0.  This girl wants to turn the page feeling energetic, fit, and strong.

Where, oh where, is all that fertility goddess action?

Happy May Day!


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One response to “Beltane – Happy May Day

  1. Let your inner goddess shine!

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