Rain, rain, go away

Workout:  3.7km, stretching

It’s a rainy, rainy week.  All day long, every day this week.  My grass is growing like crazy and I’m going to be baling hay in the backyard if I can’t cut it soon!

And so the yardwork season begins.  I completed about 1/4 of the work needed to get the flower beds cleaned up and the shrubs pruned.  I’ll have to keep working on that…..IF IT EVER STOPS RAINING!Good thing I have my new gym membership.  Love the funky TV’s attached to the treadmills.  Crappy picture, sorry.  I worked out this morning before work which was really good except I totally suck.  I was gasping for air, which I completely deserve for spending my winter sitting on my butt.  You can’t stay fit doing half-a$$ed downward dogs.  No way, no how.

Would Kate or Pippa Middleton spend her time on the couch, letting her butt get bigger by the day?

Funny story:

My boss is 62 and a total computer nerd.  Think Star Trek caliber.  His wife is British.  So, of course he took Friday off to watch the Royal wedding with her.  He now has a creepy-crush on Pippa Middleton.

What does his wife say?  Pippa has thin lips.

No kidding.  Why are we women so hard on each other????  Seriously!

Before leaving work tonight, I offered Boss some of the chocolate which seems to grow on the chocolate tree at the reception desk.  It’s magic.  It just shows up day after day.

I was about to throw it out (no, I didn’t eat any), and Boss congratulated me on my willpower.  I told him:  “That’s what Pippa Middleton would do!”

It’s all about rocking the skinny white jeans, really, isn’t it?

It’s a good night to sleep with the window open and the sound of the rain on the roof.  ‘Night all.

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