Happy Mom’s Day

Workouts:  Sat – 7.5km walk, 20 min yoga.  Sun – 1 hr yardwork, 20 min yoga

Happy Mother’s Day to my sweet Mummy and all the other mom’s in the world.  We are blessed to have you.

It’s been a sunny spring weekend here.  Absolutely lovely.  Although it’s starting to cloud up a bit, that’s OK because I love to live in my laundry room on Sunday evenings.  Love it.  NOT!

Younger Sis, Bro-in-Law and I went out last night and it was the funnest evening I’ve spent in a long time.  One of BIL’s hockey buddies plays in a band – old time ’70’s rock.  Think the Doobie Brothers and Sweet Home Alabama.  Fun, fun, summertime music.

We decided to support Hockey Buddy’s musical career by checking out the pub he was playing in last night.  OH.  MY.  GOD!  I swear it was a parallel universe.  Where 60 year old polyester-clad ladies sang country karoke (Who’s Bed Have Your Boots Been Under!), and 70-year old Greek men were rapping.  I kid you not!!  🙂

It was the funniest thing I have ever seen.  And the band was actually not bad.  We were home before midnight because I’m really Cinderella and there were definitely no princes in sight.

On food news, fueled by our obsession with all things Royal these days, Younger Sis and I have decided to try the Dukan Diet.

Apparently Carole Middleton (and Kate and Pippa maybe?) has done this high-protein, low-carb diet.  That’s Carole in the green, and Prince William leaping.

And because I’ve become a Middleton stalker, see the pic of Pippa diving, below.

I have much more weight to lose than Sis (mentally too), but we’re going to do it together. And then we’re going to get matching white bikinis.

So, burgers have been BBQ’d, chicken has been baked, yogurt has been purchased and we’re ready to go.  In the initial Attack phase, it’s all protein for about 5 days.  After that, all the veggies (non-starch) are added back in.

But there is no wine.  Or chocolate.

This could be interesting.


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2 responses to “Happy Mom’s Day

  1. Good luck with your new eating plan…no wine or chocolate? Yikes!

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