Sunny days

Workout:  Monday – 30 min walk lunchtime, 60 min walk after work.  Tuesday – 30 min walk lunchtime, 45 min walk after work.

Such is working out on lovely sunny days – all I want to do is be outside.  Coworker A and I have decided to fit in a quick walk at lunch to enjoy the sunshine.  Best Friend and I will resume our after-work walking program from last autumn which means we’ll be walking 5 times a week, weather permitting.  It finally feels like summer.  It’s good…..

Today is the end of Day 3 of the Dukan Diet Protein Extravaganza!  It’s quite interesting – I’ve never done an only-protein diet before.  I’m not hungry.  Shocking.  Just for kicks, I’ve been keeping track of calories.  Yes, that’s my idea of kicks because I’m a nerdy numbers girl.  I’m eating about 1000 cals/day which is quite low.  However, I’m not hungry.  If I were eating noodles and fruit salad, I’d be starving.

That said, I’m also a girl who gets her kicks from good nutrition and I will be glad to add back all the veggies I can eat.  Baby spinach is da bomb!!

And because all things health-related fascinate me (my favorite web healthy news site) , I thought this picture was pretty interesting as well.

These are slices of medical imaging shots of two women.  I’m not the least bit surprised about the fat on the thighs and arms – that’s the stuff we all weep and wail about.  What really surprises me are two things:  the fat in the belly cavity around the organs, and the state of the heavy woman’s ankles.

We all focus on how we look – what we see in the mirror.  It’s what we don’t see that’s scary and deadly.

Another reason to keep moving and stay healthy.  And because I’m grateful for my good health, there may be a little yoga in the sunshine puddle from my front window.


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  1. Oh my gosh, I was reading fast and thought you said the “Dunkin Donut Diet.” I was like….WHAAA? Keep up the good work…and stay away from the donuts!

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