Rainy days

Workouts:  Wednesday – 30 min walk lunchtime,  Thursday – 30 min walk lunchtime & 60 minute walk after work,  Friday – not a darn thing!

Like much of the northeast US, eastern Canada is water-logged this weekend.  And it’s going to rain for a week.  Might be some serious lounge time ahead.  Or I’m going to have to make like a duck.  Could be a good excuse for new rubber boots!My heart goes out to all the folks who live along the Mississippi River this weekend as officials open up the spillways to relieve the water pressure and endeavor to save New Orleans and Baton Rouge from massive flooding. Tough times.

Can I just say that I bombed on the Dukan Diet Protein Extravaganza?!!  If the Middletons did this before the Royal Wedding, they deserved to be thin.  It was tough.  I stuck to the first 5 days of only protein.  And I hated it.  The only good thing was that I wasn’t hungry most of the time.  But by the 5th day, I felt like crap.  There might have been a good reason for that (sorry for the pun, and for the indelicate subject) because there had been no bathroom activity, shall we say, for 5 days!!!  Definitely a bad thing.

It was an interesting experiment, and I learned a lot about how to keep myself more satiated, but I could never eat this way for any length of time.  I missed the fruit and vegetables….almost more than the grains (and the wine 🙂  ).  It’s back to normal healthy eating for this girl.  Bring on the fiber!  Fiber is our friend.

I stole that beautiful picture from here.

I also had a short orientation session at my new gym Friday morning before work from Trainer Guy.  He was an Arnold Wanna-Be.  No kidding.   I am not unknowledgable (such a word?) about resistance training, having spent years in gyms and researching healthy living.  He was cute, enthusiastic and sweet, but he lost me when he tried to convince me I needed to do calf raises.  Seriously?  What woman wants bigger calves?  I carry any weight I need to lift on my butt already!  The only calf raises I need to do will be in a pair of these….

More later….I need a coffee refill and to check out People mag online.

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