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Will and Kate are Here!!!

Workout: Gawking and watching TV coverage!

Will and Kate landed in Ottawa today at 2:00.  Here they are greeting the Minister of Foreign Affairs, John Baird.  Note the Mountie keeping watch.

Laying a wreath at the War Memorial here in Ottawa near Parliament Hill……

Apparently, they put the tour behind schedule because they spent so much time greeting the crowds.

Kate’s wearing a Canadian designer.

Tomorrow, they will join the crowds on Parliament Hill to celebrate Canada Day.  Yay!!  And they are planting a tree at Rideau Hall with a bunch of other young couples who married on the same day they did.  How fun is that?

Can’t you just see what my posts are going to be for the next day?

Oh, and I’m on holidays for two weeks…did I mention that?  It’s going to be a lovely week.  This girl is going to get some sleep, some exercise, some socializing, some healthy food and some play.



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Furry Companions

Workout (so far): 30 min. walk at 6:00am.

Why 6:00am you ask?  Well, this is my companion for the weekend.

Her name is Layla but we call her Golden Retriever Barbie.  She’s blond and beautiful and she knows it.

She spends a lot of time checking out the neighbors – especially the kids who live across the street.

Can you feel the yearning coming from her?  She desperately wants to go visiting.  Which we will do later so we both get some exercise.  And so that good doggies sleep well tonight instead of trying to crawl into my bed!

Layla is spending the weekend because Younger Sis and BIL are traveling to a wedding this weekend.

A chi-chi-poo-poo (formal) wedding, with fancy dresses and tuxes!  Not quite a royal wedding, but almost.  I tried to convince Younger Sis she needs to wear a fascinator or a pretty hat to the wedding like Kate and Pippa.

Like this.

Or this maybe (!!?!).

Or like SJP!

But she wasn’t buying.  Or wearing.

It’s nice to spend a quiet day with my favorite pooch.  It’s been a busy week and I need the calm.  The plan is to do nothing that requires a shower or changing out of my yoga pants.

Perfect day for an afternoon snooze on the couch.

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Stories & Cocktails on Rainy Days

Workout:  other than running up and down the stairs at work (busy day, no building elevator), nothing.

Thursday:  I’m headed out for drinks tonight with three ladies – yes, I know, two nights in a row.

This is an interesting group.  We are work colleagues – one client, one competitor and one coworker and me.

But we all have something in common.  We’re all single ladies over 40.  And it seems everyone has a story.

Three of the stories are quite grim.  All three of my social companions have had bad marriages with very rocky endings.  One was married to a drinker.  One was married to a serial cheater.  One was married to a criminal.  Seriously!  The first time we had drinks together, everyone unfolded their stories, with the honesty increasing as the wine flowed.

I sorta felt out of place – because I have no horrible story!!  I kinda wished I had something dramatic to add to the mix.  I just have a long history of nice but not-right-for-me relationships.  Since the last one ended with a broken heart, I opted out of the dating scene for a long time and focused on other things (yay, university degree and new house!!).

In a world that revolves around couples and families, it’s often more challenging socially to be single.  In my suburban neighborhood, I’m the only single person on my street.

But I have no trauma to overcome and no crazy stories to tell.  And I still believe in love and romance.  🙂

Tonight should be interesting.  Competitor Girl, who is very sweet,  is trying to set me up on a blind date too!  We’ll probably chat a bit about that tonight as well.

Yes, I’m writing this at work because I’m slacking.  Don’t judge.  I’ve just had a couple of my holiday days cancelled because we’re doing some corporate reorganization that requires my input with the bankers and lawyers.  😦  Wine will be earned this evening.

Later:  it was late (for me on a “school night”) when I got home so I’m posting this on Friday morning.

The ladies were a blast.  They are hard core party girls.  Coworker and I bailed at 8:45 after 4 hours of cocktailing and the other two ladies were ordering another round.  A very good time was had by all.

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Workout:  Nada, unless you count strolling around the mall or running on at the mouth!

You know how you always enjoy time spent with some good friends….you know who you are, University Girl!  And some people suck the life energy out of you?

And not in a good way.

I had dinner tonight with University Girl and it was fun.  🙂 Got some tips on how to use my new Blackberry.

We ate too much (OK, I’ll speak for myself here) and drank a little wine and talked about people we both know.  Some are fun, some are interesting and sadly, there are a few who are draining.

But those kinds of people are always a good mirror for what I may not like or respect about myself.   Do I play the victim sometimes?  Am I whiny? (Yes, occasionally)  Do I have a chip on my shoulder? (Oh-oh, maybe so)

However, we did spend some time talking about fitness and workouts and eating healthy and that’s great motivation for me.  We went to Must Wine Bar in the Byward Market.

Nice spot.  Good wine, although the owner thought I should have been drinking beer with my organic fancy burger.  Why would I, when there was lovely red wine??

I stole these pictures from the website.  Very pretty.

It’s raining and it’s a perfect night for sleeping.  ‘Night.

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Workout:  30 min. walk at lunchtime (repeated from below – might as well say it twice), 60 min. walk after work

Fun and absolutely gruesome fact:  I have been a bridesmaid six times.  No kidding.  Is that brutal or what?  Wish I could find a picture to post.

I saw the movie last week – loved it!

It wasn’t quite what I expected.  Yes, it was funny and crass, but it was also touching and sad and sweet.  Great summer movie with the girls.  Go see it.

Speaking of bridesmaids, here’s the uber-bridesmaid of all time….

Pippa apparently completed a fifty mile race.

She ran 20 miles and biked 30 miles.  In the rain.  Can I just say that she deserves those fabulous legs.  Which I wish were mine.

Seriously.  Great. Legs.

Off to do some squats or something.  Happy first day of summer.

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Happy Summer Solstice!

Workouts (so far):  30 min. walk lunchtime

It’s the longest sunshine day of the year!  Don’t we love that?  The sun is shining here and it’s a perfect summer day.  Too bad its a work day.  Seriously.

The joke on our family weekend was that we were going to strip and dance naked around the campfire to celebrate the solstice, like the Celts.

Not a pretty thought…..I think my young nieces would be traumatized for life.

Never mind that the mosquitoes were as big as cats!  We nearly got eaten alive in spite of huddling very close to the fire.

Roasting marshmallows and making S’mores was much more fun anyway.  PC has a new kit for making these delightful treats.  YUM!

Happy summer day to all.

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We have liftoff!

And….the laptop is working again!  Hallelujah!!

Weekend Workouts:  a weekend of cottaging, beach-walking, water skiing, eating chips, drinking wine and campfiring!  Paradise.

Workout today:  30 min. walk at lunch, 90 min. cleaning the car.

So, the laptop is fixed – 15 trojans!  It’s now purring like a Lamborghini.

And the camera syncs again too.

Our family gathered this weekend at Younger Sis and Bro-In-Law’s cottage.  We grew up as cottage kids – wild little beach savages, really.  It was an idyllic way to spend every summer….and a blessing for us kids because our home life in the winter was not that great.  In the summer, we swam, skied, canoed, and ran free from sunup to sundown.

Friday night cocktails on the beach….BIL is a fabulous fellow.  See the look on her face?  Younger Sis thinks so too.

So, when we gather at a cottage, it feels like coming home.  There was wine, great food, and lots of girl chat.  Thank heavens BIL is happy to putter and do his own thing because there was a lot of talk about pedicures and bathing suit shopping!

Relaxing on the front porch.

My young niece Sports Girl was anxious to try water skiing, even though the weekend was chilly and the water was frigid.  She made it up on the 5th try.  Another generation of skiers!!

Dry land training by BIL.First try….

5th try.  She’s up!

The pooches didn’t always get along but they were united in stalking the chipmunk in the woodpile. You can see Tippy’s white tipped tail in the background.


Sunsets are stunning on the river.

Well, two months until my birthday.  The next 8 weeks are going to be a study in how to fully enjoy the last days of being 49.  What will 50 feel like I wonder…..?

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