Tech Issues

Yup, I’m having tech issues.  That’s why the blog vacay.  There is something still not right, so I need to get the laptop back into the shop again.  Gaaahhhhh……..!  Believe it or not, I picked up a virus reading an article about Kate Middleton.  I wouldn’t make that up, I swear!!!

Workouts:  lots in the last 9 days.  Lotsa walking.  My ankle hates me.  My achilles tendon is revolting.  Which coincidentally is what my budha belly also looks like!

That’s what I get for sitting on my butt all winter long.  But I shall persevere.  Feels like a sign from the universe that I need to keep moving or I will get OLD!!!

Also got a workout on a marathon shopping trip to The Salmon Run Mall.  I kid you not……it’s really called that.   Younger Sis and I played hookey last Wednesday to sneak off and take advantage of the great Canadian $$.

I bought shoes.  Lots of shoes.

Almost exactly like this but shinier — I’d take a picture, but my camera no longer syncs with my laptop either.

And this.  Except they’re not Jimmy Choo.  AS IF!!  I don’t think Jimmy would be at the Salmon Run Mall.

Hmmmm… don’t think the fab heels are why my ankle hates me, do you?

Oh, and I bought a pair of these – pink suede loafers from Target for $24.99.  No kidding.  How cute are they?  Wish we had Target in Canada.

It was a totally fun day, complete with french fries for lunch from Wendy’s…which was OK for the diet because we were doing a marathon after all.

Other interesting stuff……

I’m matchmaking.  I’m setting the Hot French Lobbyist up on a blind date with a friend of Younger Sis…..let’s call her Math Girl since she teaches snotty teenagers calculus.

He may be hot, but he’s not perfect-hot for me.  So, cross your fingers they hit it off and things turn out well.  How will I keep my nose out of it?????  It’s going to be SOOOOOO  HARD to mind my own business.


I have a phone interview tomorrow morning (yes, at work) with an accounting firm.  And the best part is it’s just down the street from my current office.  How cool would that be?  I wouldn’t even have to change my morning drive!  I know nothing about the job yet, and if the money isn’t good, I won’t even consider it.

Now, I think I shall slide into some shorts and go hang out on my back deck.  I bought flowers from Home Depot tonight – BOGO Free!!  I may even plant them.  Maybe.  Depends on how well my vodka and Crystal Light goes down.

See?  Pure fitness in a glass.  Ta-ta.

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