Workout:  30 min. walk at lunchtime (repeated from below – might as well say it twice), 60 min. walk after work

Fun and absolutely gruesome fact:  I have been a bridesmaid six times.  No kidding.  Is that brutal or what?  Wish I could find a picture to post.

I saw the movie last week – loved it!

It wasn’t quite what I expected.  Yes, it was funny and crass, but it was also touching and sad and sweet.  Great summer movie with the girls.  Go see it.

Speaking of bridesmaids, here’s the uber-bridesmaid of all time….

Pippa apparently completed a fifty mile race.

She ran 20 miles and biked 30 miles.  In the rain.  Can I just say that she deserves those fabulous legs.  Which I wish were mine.

Seriously.  Great. Legs.

Off to do some squats or something.  Happy first day of summer.

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