Stories & Cocktails on Rainy Days

Workout:  other than running up and down the stairs at work (busy day, no building elevator), nothing.

Thursday:  I’m headed out for drinks tonight with three ladies – yes, I know, two nights in a row.

This is an interesting group.  We are work colleagues – one client, one competitor and one coworker and me.

But we all have something in common.  We’re all single ladies over 40.  And it seems everyone has a story.

Three of the stories are quite grim.  All three of my social companions have had bad marriages with very rocky endings.  One was married to a drinker.  One was married to a serial cheater.  One was married to a criminal.  Seriously!  The first time we had drinks together, everyone unfolded their stories, with the honesty increasing as the wine flowed.

I sorta felt out of place – because I have no horrible story!!  I kinda wished I had something dramatic to add to the mix.  I just have a long history of nice but not-right-for-me relationships.  Since the last one ended with a broken heart, I opted out of the dating scene for a long time and focused on other things (yay, university degree and new house!!).

In a world that revolves around couples and families, it’s often more challenging socially to be single.  In my suburban neighborhood, I’m the only single person on my street.

But I have no trauma to overcome and no crazy stories to tell.  And I still believe in love and romance.  🙂

Tonight should be interesting.  Competitor Girl, who is very sweet,  is trying to set me up on a blind date too!  We’ll probably chat a bit about that tonight as well.

Yes, I’m writing this at work because I’m slacking.  Don’t judge.  I’ve just had a couple of my holiday days cancelled because we’re doing some corporate reorganization that requires my input with the bankers and lawyers.  😦  Wine will be earned this evening.

Later:  it was late (for me on a “school night”) when I got home so I’m posting this on Friday morning.

The ladies were a blast.  They are hard core party girls.  Coworker and I bailed at 8:45 after 4 hours of cocktailing and the other two ladies were ordering another round.  A very good time was had by all.

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