Furry Companions

Workout (so far): 30 min. walk at 6:00am.

Why 6:00am you ask?  Well, this is my companion for the weekend.

Her name is Layla but we call her Golden Retriever Barbie.  She’s blond and beautiful and she knows it.

She spends a lot of time checking out the neighbors – especially the kids who live across the street.

Can you feel the yearning coming from her?  She desperately wants to go visiting.  Which we will do later so we both get some exercise.  And so that good doggies sleep well tonight instead of trying to crawl into my bed!

Layla is spending the weekend because Younger Sis and BIL are traveling to a wedding this weekend.

A chi-chi-poo-poo (formal) wedding, with fancy dresses and tuxes!  Not quite a royal wedding, but almost.  I tried to convince Younger Sis she needs to wear a fascinator or a pretty hat to the wedding like Kate and Pippa.

Like this.

Or this maybe (!!?!).

Or like SJP!

But she wasn’t buying.  Or wearing.

It’s nice to spend a quiet day with my favorite pooch.  It’s been a busy week and I need the calm.  The plan is to do nothing that requires a shower or changing out of my yoga pants.

Perfect day for an afternoon snooze on the couch.

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