Perfect Summer Day

It’s been the perfect summer day.  It was hot and sunny earlier this afternoon, blindingly so.  But it is still and warm and fragrant this evening.

It’s the kind of evening that makes you grateful to be at home and blessed.

Everything smells good.

It was a perfect first day of holidays.  I got some exercise.   I watched (too much?) coverage of Will and Kate on the Hill.  I popped over to a friends place for a pool party.  And now I’m having a quiet evening on the deck.

Pictures:  warning =>  I’m no photographer!  No judging.   The view from the deck….

Note the wine glass.

And some of my flowers….

Don’t you especially love the brown leaves?

The peonies are almost done, but the hydrangeas are just beginning to bloom.

It’s a perfect summer evening.

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One response to “Perfect Summer Day

  1. I love those perfect summer days…and your flowers are gorgeous!!

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