Saturday:  3.5 miles;  Sunday:  3.0 miles;  Monday:  cut the grass/trim/weeding, 1.5 hours

I’m on holidays!  Happy July 4th to all my US friends.

Since we’re still drowning in love for Will and Kate in Canada, here’ s my favorite pics to share because I’m sure you can’t find any on the internet….

In PEI, Will won the dragon boat race.  How can you not love this picture?  Fun!

This is my favorite dress so far (Katherine Walker)…

Although this is pretty cute too (Alexander McQueen), with a ponytail….

And the chef’s coat may just be the best look yet….

I’m thrilled to be on holidays.  I’ve spent the last several days enjoying the steamy weather, lounging in Best Friend’s pool and getting lots of exercise.

This afternoon, after some running around to find it, I dropped into a chair on my shady deck to start The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

I’m only a year behind everyone else, but I hear it’s a meaty read and I wanted some time to get into it.  Unfortunately, I was drinking Skinny Girl Margs while I was reading and now I can’t concentrate!

They are actually pretty good, but they need a little extra sugar.  I might need some dinner before I pick the book back up again, or I’ll end sprawled face down in my book on the deck!  Isn’t that a visual???

On the agenda for tomorrow:  a walk on the canal at Dow’s Lake with Best Friend in the morning.

In the afternoon, I have an appointment with a potential new investment adviser, and then I’m having drinks with my physiotherapist in the evening.

Somewhere in there, I really must find the time to take a shower.  Just sayin’.

I really have to find something to do on this holiday…..I don’t seem to be able to keep myself busy!??!  Ha!


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One response to “Holidays!

  1. I think SkinnyGirl margaritas could use a little extra sugar too. I added a lemon-lime soda to mine.
    Lovely photos & blog. You sound very busy and happy.

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