Busy Holidays

Workout:  Wednesday – none.  Thursday – 3 miles

It’s a perfect summer day – a bluebird day, as skiers say.  Not a cloud in the sky, no humidity (a big Ottawa problem), a lovely breeze, and 25C degrees.  Absolute perfection.

Yesterday was not so nice, but the thundershowers fit perfectly with my plans for the day.  After 2 1/2 months of dealing with a cracked molar that went south, my crown is finally done and I have a very shiny, better-than-new molar.  I’d take a picture and post it but who really wants to look inside my mouth at all my fillings?  If you do, too bad.  Not happening.

Downside:  no more excuses to eat frosting out of the can!!  😦

So I was up early for my 8:00am appointment with my 12 year old dentist (just seems that way – he’s really 30-something).

After that, I zoomed to Mom’s (90 minutes) to spend the day chatting and relaxing and eating too much of my Mom’s delicious baking.  She made a whole cake even though I only stayed about 8 hours!!  And I wonder why I have a hard time sticking to the mission…..  🙂

I was exhausted when I arrived home at 8:00pm – I did more yesterday than Will and Kate!  They only visited Slave Lake, Alberta, to comfort 2,000 people.  Not nearly as tiring as my day.

If you don’t know the story, a huge portion of this town of 7,000 people was gutted by forest fire that consumed more than 400 homes with only 10 minutes notice.  Thanks to the incredible first responders, no lives were lost.  However, it’s the second largest insurance disaster in Canadian history.

By the way, my Mom thinks Kate is far too thin and desperately wants to invite her to dinner so she can “feed her up”.  Once again, I wonder why I have a hard time sticking to the mission.

Today has been a lovely day.  I had an early morning coffee at Tim Hortons before my walk this morning.  After a quick shower, I headed downtown to have lunch with the Hot French Lobbyist.

We went to Mamma Grazzi\’s for a lovely lunch on the patio.  Picture this:  cobblestone patio surrounded by heritage buildings.  Absolutely lovely.  Going to try to find a picture…..

We sat at the table in the bottom left hand corner of this photo.  My lunch is below (lifted from the restaurant website).


The rest of the day is going to be quiet.  Just me and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Enjoy your lovely summer day.


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