Back on the Grid

Workouts:  Kayaking, swimming, tanning (just a little), cocktailing…..

Well, I’m back on the grid.  Sadly.  Very sadly.

Every year on my holidays, I spend some time with friends who reside in Canada for half of the year, and in the US for the other half.   Ideally, I like to visit in both places but because work was so busy this year, no winter trips for this girl.

Cottage Girl and her husband, Cottage Guy, spend the summer on a gorgeous island in the middle of a beautiful lake in central Ontario.   There is only one other cottage on the huge island, but mostly its trees and rocks.  And deer.  And moose.  And other wildlife.  Silent and peaceful and absolutely stunning.

This isn’t it (Cottage girl likes her privacy) but it’s like this but with a way bigger island.

We swam and kayaked and read and tanned and napped and talked and talked and talked…..the way good friends do when you haven’t seen them in a year.

It was absolutely perfect.

And then I came home yesterday and went to a job interview.  Whew!  Talk about a change of pace.

The interview went well, although it was the strangest interview I’ve ever been on.  The owner of the company talked the whole time.  There were very few questions about me — I know my resume is very detailed but that seemed strange.

However, I don’t think I want the job even though I’m one of the two final candidates.  While the money may be almost what I’m making now, the challenge would be a great deal less.

Now, you’d think, after the year or two I’ve had at work, this would be a good thing.  But I don’t want to take too many steps backward in my career.  Not at 50.  I need to move forward.  Or at least sideways.  Not back.

Two things didn’t sit well with me…..1)  they want me to give less than 2 weeks notice to my current boss (Boooo!) and 2)  I think there is some office politics.  Not good.  Hate office politics.  Bad, bad, bad.

After my interview, I hopped in the car with Best Friend and her two little granddaughters (4 1/2 and 6) and we went to Upper Canada Village.  It’s a working pioneer village, set in the 1860’s, with actors and tradespeople populating the town and educating visitors all about life a century ago.  It’s so interesting and beautiful.

We saw horses and cows and pigs and sheep!  The piglets were running around a farmyard, free to play with the kids.  Awesome!

I bought old-fashioned bread made from wheat ground at the mill and baked in an enormous wood stove, and cheese made at the cheese factory.  Very cool.

That’s breakfast this morning, with great strong coffee and some sunshine on the deck.

Because it’s been such an active and busy holiday, I may lay low for the next few days.  The weather is calling for sun from now until Monday morning.  Sigh….life is good.


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