Gearing back up…..

Workout:  90 minutes of early yard work.

My neighbors hate me – Saturday morning quiet disrupted by the lawnmower and trimmer.  I hate people like me.

It’s my final weekend before going back to work.  I feel like I’ve been off for a month because I’ve had so many enjoyable activities and moments during the last two weeks.

I’ve had absolutely glorious weather – it wasn’t a great spring, so its been lovely to get lots of sunshine.

The plan for the day (aside from the yard work):   groceries, BBQing, meal planning, and some housework.  I want to go back to work with a no-maintenance personal life.

I finished The Girl Who Played with Fire late last night.  It was pretty good, although I found that both this and the previous book started slow.  Not the best suspense novels I’ve read, but still pretty good.  I will wait for the last book,  the Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest to come out in paperback because I don’t want to invest in the hardcover.

OK, so the job interview thing.   I didn’t want the position and opted out of the process when I found out I was one of the two final candidates.  I sent an email to the headhunter lady, and told her I thought that the job wasn’t right for me and that the company should choose the other candidate.

I listened to my intuition on this one.  It’s not something I’m always good at, but I’m trying harder.  Sometimes, I just think too much.  I read the current issue of O magazine at the cottage, including some great articles on intuition, and worked hard to listen to my gut in this situation.

I love it when the right advice shows up in your life at exactly the right time.  🙂

Off to get on with the day.


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