Steamy days….

Workout:  not done yet – may consist of only painting the front porch

It’s going to be a steamy day today, warming up at +2 degrees per hour this morning to 33C or 34C this afternoon.  Wait……checking the equivalent in Fahrenheit…..+93F!!!  Definitely an AC day.

However, the mission this morning is to complete the last chore of the holidays — painting the front porch.  I have a very small one and it shouldn’t take long.  I swept and hosed it down last night (and discovered a large leak in my hose.  Booo 😦 )

See?  Definitely looking a little shabby, although I must say that the flowers are looking very nice.

After that, I vow not to do anything that isn’t fun on my last day of freedom.  Maybe shopping?  Maybe reading in the shade?  Maybe napping?  Maybe a cocktail?  We’ll see…..


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2 responses to “Steamy days….

  1. Ahh…today’s my last day of freedom too…back to work in the morning…boo!! I’m going to do a little housework and some cooking, but nothing too strenuous. I took the trash down this morning and couldn’t believe how muggy it was…heat warning for the week here…temps in mid to upper 90s…ick!! Enjoy your last day off…your flowers on your porch look lovely!!

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