Sunday Nights

Sunday evenings never make me happy.  It always feels like the weekend is ending by 4:00pm on Sunday afternoon.  Laundry gets started, as does planning for lunches and errands for the week.  Sigh…..

It’s even harder after two glorious weeks of holidays.   Why are holidays so short?  We should live in Europe where they get 6 weeks of holidays every year.

I finished painting the front porch by 10:15 this morning and it’s a good thing because its +34C (94F or so) and when you add in the humidex, it feels like 42C or 107F!!  That’s hot!  (To quote Paris……)

Today, I am exactly 1 month away from turning 50!

I’m not sure how the year went by so quickly……

It seems like yesterday that I was having dinner with University Girl and talking about starting a blog to document my final year in the 40’s.

I’m going spend some time thinking about what I want  the 50’s to look like and how I’ve changed in my 40’s.

Lots to contemplate on this final day of holidays….

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One response to “Sunday Nights

  1. dia

    i know the feeling. I hate Sunday nights and always have. I think I like Mondays better! I am a few weeks away from that same number–it’s finally setting in… I work with a lot of younger people–just love hearing them complain about turning 30..oh brother.

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