A Sympathetic Shoulder

Workouts:  Monday – 3 miles at a leisurely pace after dinner.  Tuesday – 45 min. walk before work, 20 min. stroll at lunch and 30 min. walk after dinner.  It’s a gorgeous day – can you tell I need to be outside?

I had a long chat with one of my coworkers, Proposal Girl, today.

This is me at work.

In fact, my coworkers have nicknamed me Lucy.  It could be because I have an office with a door.  I’m the resident therapist.

You know, I also think it’s because listening skills are a dying art.  No one knows how to listen any more.  I’m a good listener.  Sometimes it does not serve me well.

Today, I’m sad for Proposal Girl.  She’s extremely stressed at work – she has to work closely with Obnoxious Sales Guy.  When he bugs me, I just close my door.  Go away, Obnoxious Sales Guy.

But I was happy to listen to Proposal Girl today.  She also has an extremely high-maintenance family and her mother lives with her.  Yikes!  She struggles with her weight and is trying to keep to Weight Watchers (with some success).  And she has a bad marriage behind her with no interesting romantic prospects ahead.

I’m happy to lend my sympathetic shoulder.  Happy to.

It also makes me appreciate my calm and lovely life.  I love my house.  I tolerate my job (but really like my boss).  I have nice friends, some money in the bank and my 15 year old Honda starts every single morning.  I have a great family and if I don’t have a sweetie at the moment, well, that’s just fine (for now).

Blessings, including this lovely day.


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