50 = Old….Older?

Workout:  30 min. walk before work.

Brace yourself.  I’m going to grumble and bitch now.

I’ve done a bunch of Google searches in the last few days on being over 50.  Searches like:  best vitamins for over 50.  Best stretches for over 50.  Best fashions for over 50. Best foods for energy over 50.

Every single search turns up a website catering to folks who are grey haired and retired!!!!  What is that about??  Seriously!

These folks are adorable but on the day I turn 50, I’ll only be 12 hours older than the day before when I was  a “Sex And The City” 40-something babe.  OK, I might be slightly over stating that, but not by much.   I don’t have grey hair, an aging husband and a handicap sticker on the car.  I’m not in menopause (not that there’s anything wrong with that!).  And I’m not in the market for a hip replacement or orthopedic shoes.

Have I just not been searching in the right places?  What am I missing?

You don’t even want to know what “sexy 50 year old” turns up.   Good God!  Don’t go there.

There definitely needs to be a new definition of “OVER 50”.  Just sayin’.

There.  Bitch session over.

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One response to “50 = Old….Older?

  1. I’m 52 and I sure don’t think of myself as the little grey haired lady…of course, i do color my hair, but that’s another story…50 is NOTold…it’s just the beginning of the best time of our lives!!

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