A Makeup Free Day

It’s been a relaxing, lounge-y day…..spending time at home, gardening, tidying, reading ( The Help ), and primping!

There was a morning pedicure on the deck – Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Cinna-Something.  Can’t remember the name but it’s a groovy color.

Followed that up with a mini-facial.  Boots Botanics Clay Mask.  It’s just a so-so product but anything that soaks up the extra grease is a good thing.  Isn’t this oiliness  supposed to slow down sometime soon?  Aren’t peri-menopausal women supposed to have dry skin?

And last but not least, a root touch up.   Miss Clairol in medium brown.  If I’d known how much time and effort my hair would require after I started going gray, I would have enjoyed my pretty virgin hair more in my 20’s!

Just a word or two on makeup, which I did not wear today…..

I have really oily, problem skin all my life.  Lots of TLC required to keep it looking semi-decent.  And some exceptional makeup products.  These are my favorites…

Lise Watier 24 Hr. Glam Mascara.  This baby does not run or rub off no matter how sad the movie or steamy the day.  Exceptional product.

Vichy Dermablend Foundation.  This has a beautiful feel, tons of pigment and nothing nasty to irritate skin.  A little goes a looooooooong way.

Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes Pencil Liner.  This stuff goes nowhere once it’s on.  Best liner ever.  No raccoon eyes.

Clinique Black Honey Lip Gloss.  This gloss looks good on everyone.   It’s been their top seller forever.  You can’t go wrong with this no matter what you’re wearing or where you’re going.

And of course, MAC eye shadows.  Nothing outperforms these babies.  Tons of pigment.  I stay away from the shimmer (at my age) and the girlie shades, like baby blue and neon green.

That’s my All Star lineup.  Some are expensive, but they’re worth every penny.

And sadly, it’s time to prep for another work week starting tomorrow.  Summer weekends are so short.

Enjoy a lovely holiday Monday night.



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5 responses to “A Makeup Free Day

  1. dia

    I loved “The Help.” I read the book, and I just saw the movie a few weeks ago–It was just as good as the book. I appreciate the product suggestions–I have the exact same issues. I also have the black honey gloss–but usually wear some other regular clinique lipsticks. I am tempted to try the eye liner pencils you are recommending. I have never tried Mac products–but many people rave about them. Only a few more weeks until I turn the magical number–I guess I’m ready.

  2. Like you, even on a makeup free day (which get more rare with each passing year) I am thinking about makeup. I haven’t bought clinique black honey in a long time….but I used to love it. I’m going to put it on my list.

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