Strange Evenings

Workout:  2 miles

I’m having a very strange evening.

I’m watching So You Think You Can Dance.  Final 6.  Twitch just guest-danced.  God, I love Twitch.  Have you SEEN him??

I’m also doing laundry.  Load 2 just finished in the dryer.  Load 3 still in the washer.

If that’s not enough excitement for one girl on a summer evening, I’m also working on a client proposal that needs one final document….which I’m waiting for from Obnoxious Sales Guy.  I told him it had to be in my hands by 9:00pm because that’s when I turn into Cinderella, or the Wicked Witch or some other very beeeyotch-like female.  He should be very afraid if it doesn’t arrive in time.  Very afraid.

Do I earn enough to be working on a lovely summer evening.  N. O.

But that’s just the kind of employee I am.  Stupid and over worked.  Sadly.

By the way, only two weeks from today until I turn F-I-V-E  O-H.

How a year does fly by, doesn’t it?

A thought on being almost 50…..when I sit on my butt all day and then I sit on my butt all evening, I am stiff!  Creaky.  Unsteady.  Weak.  I guess I better not do this often.  Geez, what’s it going to be like when I’m 80?



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3 responses to “Strange Evenings

  1. Mindy Kelner

    I know what you mean about being stiff. Most recently, I find it an effort to squat down to pick up something off the floor. I think twice before I do it, and then I have to tell myself not to groan out loud if people are around.

  2. Wow! I could not even guess about it)) Not bad.

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