Zen and Evening Sunshine

Workout:  5km walk

It’s a glorious evening following a bright sunny day.

The park around the corner is filled with 10 year olds, screaming and yelling while playing World Cup Soccer!  I swear they look that talented to me.  These kids are amazing.

I came home from a relatively calm day at work, had a quick healthy dinner and blasted through kitchen clean-up.  Then I grabbed my sneakers, my iPod and my sunglasses for an evening walk.  But I didn’t even turn the music on because I just wanted to hear the beat of my steps, the voices of the neighborhood and the sound of kids having fun.

There’s a nice breeze coming in my front window, blowing my gauzy linen sheers.  And there’s an inquisitive little squirrel peeking in my patio doors from the deck, wondering if there may be treats hidden in my kitchen somewhere.

This is my favorite kind of summer day….balmy during the day with a slight nip in the air at night.  I love August.

Not bad for a Monday, eh?

Oh, and Boss’ Son dropped into the office to say hello again today.  I swear he’s flirting with me.  Once again, it’s good for the ego.  Makes me smile.

Have a zen evening in the sunshine.


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