My name is Joyce Ryan and I turned 49 in August!  It feels so strange to be old enough to say that.  No one ever believes you when you say you are 49 — they assume you are much older and merely in a holding pattern.

If my disbelief that I am 49 is strong, the idea that I will be 50 in one short year is absolutely unfathomable to me!!

However, time marches on and I want to document this strange, exceptional (I hope), incredible year, including all the changes that I expect to see.

Time does not stand still for anybody (or any body,  including mine!).   Fitness becomes a little harder, nutrition becomes a little more important, and let’s not even talk about hormones!!  Although I am a prime candidate, perimenopause symptoms are still slight and menopause seems far in the future.

But the best part of nearing the end of my forth decade is the calmness, maturity, and joy I feel at reaching this stage in life healthy, happy, content (mostly), and having the confidence to be my most authentic self.

I hope you will enjoy sharing this year with me, and beyond as well.


One response to “About

  1. Hi Joyce,
    I found this blog today, and I wanted to write and tell you how much I like it.
    First of all, I am 41 and understanding the concept of time waiting for no one – and no body!
    Secondly, I am in the process of developing my website which is on wordpress and I was wondering if you have any tips on working with it. Specifically, I am not a technical person at all, and am having trouble with adding a social media plug in.
    Would you have any resources that you would recommend to increase my understanding of wordpress?
    I normally don’t write emails to people I don’t know, but I found your blog fun and easy to relate to.
    Thanks and Happy Canada Day to you!

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