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A Backlog of Words

Workouts:  don’t even ask.  Actually, that’s not true.  There have been some token workouts, but all-in-all, it’s been quite pathetic really.

The birthday season will officially end tomorrow with a last dinner with some business associates.  My enjoyment of the festivities has definitely reached a saturation point.

I need life to get back to normal.  Quiet-normal.  Boring-normal.  Most of all, thin-normal.

This summer of socializing has re-introduced a few pounds to my backside.  A new weight loss project is underway, with a focus on healthy eating, moving more, and a little more accountability.  I’ll blog about that within a few days, hopefully.

As for a backlog of words, not only have the frequency of my posts been suffering, my reading time has been severely diminished.

I have literary constipation, if you will.

Here’s the line-up of the books on my nightstand:

1.  Chi Running.  I haven’t even cracked it open yet.

2.  The Life of Pi.

A gift from Older Sis.

3.  The Glass Castle.  Another present from Older Sis.  Canadian author.

4.  Some mags and easy reading…..

and this (note the “easy fall recipes”!)

5. And last, but certainly not least, this was in my mailbox last week.  It’s an end-of-summer ritual….

6.  This neat gift has also not even been opened, although it’s been sitting on the coffee table for 3 weeks.

I’ve been wanting this for ages!

These don’t even include the cheesy cowboy-romance book that Junior Finance Guy (and his wife) included in my little cadeau.  You can bet that I’ll be enjoying that one sometime very soon, especially the steamy parts where the cowboy hero takes off those chaps.  Oh my……..

I may get in a little reading time tonight.  🙂



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Strange Evenings

Workout:  2 miles

I’m having a very strange evening.

I’m watching So You Think You Can Dance.  Final 6.  Twitch just guest-danced.  God, I love Twitch.  Have you SEEN him??

I’m also doing laundry.  Load 2 just finished in the dryer.  Load 3 still in the washer.

If that’s not enough excitement for one girl on a summer evening, I’m also working on a client proposal that needs one final document….which I’m waiting for from Obnoxious Sales Guy.  I told him it had to be in my hands by 9:00pm because that’s when I turn into Cinderella, or the Wicked Witch or some other very beeeyotch-like female.  He should be very afraid if it doesn’t arrive in time.  Very afraid.

Do I earn enough to be working on a lovely summer evening.  N. O.

But that’s just the kind of employee I am.  Stupid and over worked.  Sadly.

By the way, only two weeks from today until I turn F-I-V-E  O-H.

How a year does fly by, doesn’t it?

A thought on being almost 50…..when I sit on my butt all day and then I sit on my butt all evening, I am stiff!  Creaky.  Unsteady.  Weak.  I guess I better not do this often.  Geez, what’s it going to be like when I’m 80?



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Tech Issues

Yup, I’m having tech issues.  That’s why the blog vacay.  There is something still not right, so I need to get the laptop back into the shop again.  Gaaahhhhh……..!  Believe it or not, I picked up a virus reading an article about Kate Middleton.  I wouldn’t make that up, I swear!!!

Workouts:  lots in the last 9 days.  Lotsa walking.  My ankle hates me.  My achilles tendon is revolting.  Which coincidentally is what my budha belly also looks like!

That’s what I get for sitting on my butt all winter long.  But I shall persevere.  Feels like a sign from the universe that I need to keep moving or I will get OLD!!!

Also got a workout on a marathon shopping trip to The Salmon Run Mall.  I kid you not……it’s really called that.   Younger Sis and I played hookey last Wednesday to sneak off and take advantage of the great Canadian $$.

I bought shoes.  Lots of shoes.

Almost exactly like this but shinier — I’d take a picture, but my camera no longer syncs with my laptop either.

And this.  Except they’re not Jimmy Choo.  AS IF!!  I don’t think Jimmy would be at the Salmon Run Mall.

Hmmmm… don’t think the fab heels are why my ankle hates me, do you?

Oh, and I bought a pair of these – pink suede loafers from Target for $24.99.  No kidding.  How cute are they?  Wish we had Target in Canada.

It was a totally fun day, complete with french fries for lunch from Wendy’s…which was OK for the diet because we were doing a marathon after all.

Other interesting stuff……

I’m matchmaking.  I’m setting the Hot French Lobbyist up on a blind date with a friend of Younger Sis…..let’s call her Math Girl since she teaches snotty teenagers calculus.

He may be hot, but he’s not perfect-hot for me.  So, cross your fingers they hit it off and things turn out well.  How will I keep my nose out of it?????  It’s going to be SOOOOOO  HARD to mind my own business.


I have a phone interview tomorrow morning (yes, at work) with an accounting firm.  And the best part is it’s just down the street from my current office.  How cool would that be?  I wouldn’t even have to change my morning drive!  I know nothing about the job yet, and if the money isn’t good, I won’t even consider it.

Now, I think I shall slide into some shorts and go hang out on my back deck.  I bought flowers from Home Depot tonight – BOGO Free!!  I may even plant them.  Maybe.  Depends on how well my vodka and Crystal Light goes down.

See?  Pure fitness in a glass.  Ta-ta.

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A New Week

Clearly, I’ve been off the grid for a week.

Workouts:  building Noah’s ark.  Kidding.  Sort of.  And that’s it.

It’s been raining for a whole week.  The skies cleared this afternoon, but there are mushrooms growing on my front lawn.

OK, first, job news.  I did not get the job I interviewed for on Tuesday.  In fact, I didn’t make it past the first round of interviews.  In spite of being the most experienced, the interviewer was a CA, and only accountants made it to the second round.

In truth, I didn’t connect with her at all, and had a bad feeling coming out of the interview.  Bad enough that I was hoping that I didn’t get it because I didn’t want to have to turn it down.  It’s bad to turn down a job when a headhunter has arranged the interview – they think you’re a total loser and won’t send you on any more!  Intuition is a very impressive thing, I must say.  Nothing about the interview gave me a good feeling, and I was clearly in tune with that.

I also refined the vision of the Great Fun Job.  I don’t want to work downtown.  I don’t want to have an hour long commute each day, nor do I want to take public transit or pay $200/month for parking.  Note to self:  the new job must be within 30 minutes of home.  Check.

That first interview was interesting:  it was a bit like losing my virginity again!  Whew!  Much better now that it’s over.  Whether it’s sexual or career, the first time is highly over-rated!!

With the stress of interviewing and waiting for a response, eating well and working out went out the window.  Fail.  And it poured all week long!  Big fail.

Thursday night, I had a couple of glasses of yummy red wine and some appetizers at a groovy place called DiVino\’s Wine Studio.  There was a whole wall of wine!

The Hot French Lobbyist invited me – very thoughtful.  I think he wanted to give me a chance to vent about the interview.  He’s so sweet.  And hot.  Really hot.  Just sayin’.  😉

Friday night, I had popcorn, pizza and Bacardi Breezers with Best Friend.  It was raining.  We also watched a movie – Blue Valentine.  It was beautifully acted and absolutely depressing.  Total downer.

And now it’s Sunday night, and it’s time to go back to work.  Chocolate will be consumed tonight.


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I thought I would continue the “days” theme, but just for today.  Then, it’s just old.

Workouts:  Saturday – 2 hours gardening;  Sunday – none;  Monday – 5km walk

It’s a gloomy holiday Monday, which is just fine with me.  I’ve been running errands, and working in the yard, and getting stuff done.  They don’t call it Vic-CHORE-ia Day for nothing!

Today, other than visiting a gardening center for flowers for the front planters, I’ve been lounging around the house.

I read this book – First Family by David Baldacci.  On sale at Chapters for $7.99.  It was pretty good.

Now, I’m watching Oprah – the third last show – and I’m blubbering like an idiot!  I haven’t watched the final season regularly, but this is quite touching.

Now I’m going to have to watch tomorrow and Wednesday (the final show)!

Tomorrow morning is my job interview.  Feeling a little nervous, but I think I’m ready.  Mom is going to Mass tomorrow morning and I’m finishing my research now.

Wish me luck.

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Summer Days

Do you see a theme in my titles?  It’s all about the weather it seems.  This is true for all Canadians.  We live and breathe by the weather – likely because our summer and sunny seasons are so short.  NO ONE IN THE WORLD enjoys summer more than Canadians.

Activity this week:  none.  No excuses.  Just none.

It’s a glorious summer day on this long Victoria Day weekend. 

Which almost makes up for 10 straight days of rain.  My grass is cut.  The front shrub beds are weeded (still need mulching), and I’m ready to plant flowers.  Yahoo!  I’ll take pictures when I do.

Big news:  I have a job interview on Tuesday morning.  I took the day off anyway to enjoy a 4-day long weekend and this is a perfect way to spend the morning.  I’m really looking forward to trying out my big-girl interview skills.

It’s been 21 years since I’ve interviewed with a prospective employer for a job.  I was 28.  Now I’m all grown up.  I have a good feeling about this.  The possible job has 4 weeks holidays, and 24% more money than I made this year (14% more than the highest I’ve ever made with my current company).  I’d say that’s worth changing jobs.  And I believe that the job is……nice.  Calm.  Productive.  Which would be a big change from my crazy, problem, crisis-heavy job. 

Question:  If I have an easier job, with more money, will I have more energy for my personal life?  Will I have more mental energy to socialize, to workout, to eat better, to find joy?  I certainly hope so.

I feel that this is the year to make changes.  I’m going to be 50!


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Great Expectations

Workout:  6.8km walk, 2 hours gardening

Younger Sis and I have spent a great deal of time talking about the wedding yesterday.  Wasn’t it just lovely?  I need to be princess!!!!

At the very least, I need to be a princess (in the most positive sense of the word) in my own life.

After much oooohhhh and awwwwwwing over the beautiful gown, the handsome uniforms and the romance of it all, we talked about the Middletons.  I was very impressed with how this very middle-class (OK, upper middle-class) family gracefully and elegantly participated in the spectacular day.  They almost seemed more royal than the Royals!  They certainly are better dressed.  🙂

I mean, seriously, if I had all the money and choices in the world, would I EVER pick something like this?????

What is it about Carole and Mike Middleton that inspired their daughter to not only believe in herself, but also believe that she could achieve a world-class education, dress with good taste (casually) and glamour (formally), and be worthy of the love of a real life Prince?  The class system in Britian is alive and well, but Kate simply and gracefully walked through the barriers.

We know the Middletons are hard workers because they are self-made millionaires.  We know they give and expect the best from and for their children.  How do parents teach their children to reach for the stars, and feel they deserve to achieve everything great they can imagine?  Is it by example?  Is it by teaching entitlement? Is it by teaching hard work?  And whether it is education, or career, or travel, or love,  can you teach it to yourself?

Questions to ponder on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  Still watching wedding coverage.  No kidding.

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