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Productive Sundays – Pasta, Plants & Preparations

Sunday morning workout:  gardening, 1 hr.

It’s not even 9:00am yet, and I’ve spent an hour weeding, pruning and mulching the front garden.

Don’t be impressed – I let it get completely overgrown.  It was very shabby.  The virginia creeper was taking over the front walkway.  The postie was in danger of getting swallowed up by creeping ivy when he delivered my mail.  They make horror moves about yards like mine.

OK, it’s not this bad, but it was pretty bad.

Now, I’m drinking coffee, roasting a spaghetti squash in the oven before it gets too hot, blogging (obviously) and watching a Sunday morning TV program called  It\’s Just Food.

It’s a groovy little Canadian program that shows how simple cooking really is.  This morning is fresh homemade pasta.  Who knew it was so easy??!  Makes my creative juices start flowing while I”m making my grocery list.  Bacon, spinach and cheese ravioli.  YUM!!

Also on the agenda for today are groceries, some meal  planning, and a trip to the Rideau Center for some shopping.  Best Friend is looking for a new watch and I’m always happy to window shop.  Except the fall clothes are out…..and it’s going to be 90 degrees here today.  Talk about a disconnect!  Who can look at cozy sweaters when it’s sweltering outside.

It’s going to be a busy week!  Monday, I’m having dinner with Younger Sis to celebrate our mutual birthdays.  We’re almost twins except that we’re 6 years apart.  That’s probably why we get along so well.

We’re checking out the new small plates menu at Allium.   Check it out…it looks awesome.

Tuesday is a free day – must get some serious exercise and maybe some yoga.

Wednesday is my 50TH BIRTHDAY!!!  That means I’m going out for lunch with my fun work peeps at Stoneface Dollys which is one of my favorite restaurants.  We’re not inviting Obnoxious Sales Guy.  Picture stolen from the website.

After work, Younger Sis and I are planning to go to a new yoga studio called Empower Me Yoga. 

I plan to get my Zen on and set my intention for the coming year and perhaps the coming decade too.

After that, we’re going for gelato at Truffle Treasures  which makes the most amazing chocolate-peanut butter creation you have ever tasted!

On to Thursday,  I’m having dinner with Cottage Girl and my real estate agent.  Who is also a friend.  Who I don’t see often enough. I love spending time with fabulous girlfriends – both of these women can teach me lots about rockin’ 50.

And then, early, early, early on Friday morning, Best Friend, Cottage Girl and I are going on a road trip – Niagara-On-The-Lake!  It’s a picturesque community not far from Niagara Falls that has lots of quaint towns, award-winning wineries and the Shaw Festival.  We’re going to see My Fair Lady!  We’ve rented a guest cottage on an estate so that we can relax and drink coffee…and wine, of course….on our very own patio.

Whew!  What a week it will be.

On a couple of other completely unrelated notes, I’m going to drop into Chapters today to look for this book:

I’m a terrible runner and I want to enjoy it more.  There has to be a way to train smarter, rather than harder.

I think I just experienced one of the benefits of being 50…..smarter, not harder.  Maturity.  Wisdom.  🙂

And way off topic, call me crazy but is anyone disturbed that Michelle Bachman just won the Ames Straw Poll?  Far be it from me to stick my nose into US politics when our Canadian version isn’t a whole lot better, but can’t anyone see that this woman is a wing-nut???  Good grief.  Don’t the folks in Iowa get any decent media coverage?

Soapbox moment over.

Happy Sunday.


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Yoga for Increased Bone Health

Later that same day….

I found it!  The article in the New York Times that mentions that yoga is great for bone health in the spine and hips of…..slightly more mature folks, shall we say?  As well, a regular yoga practice can decrease the risk of falls which is always a big problem as people lose their strength and consequently, their balance.  I see this challenge with my Mom often.  She is very frightened of falling and occasionally limits her activities if she’s anxious about it.  There is a link to the actual study in the last couple of paragraphs of the story.

Isn’t this a groovy picture?  Thanks, Google Images!

I can’t even do that pose now!!  Perhaps I should say….YET!

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Harry Lives!

Workout:  30 minutes before work this a.m.

I just cried my heart and my eyes out tonight.

With joy and sadness.

With joy because Harry lives!  With sadness because it’s so hard to say goodbye to Harry in the end.

If you haven’t figured it out, I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 tonight.

I’ve been a fan of Harry’s since the first book came out.  I don’t like to jump on hype bandwagons, but I do love to read.  I’ve waited for each book and each movie with great anticipation.  There aren’t that many things in life that give that much joy, but J.K. Rowling has been the universe’s gift to all who read.  The books truly are brilliant and magical.

Do you know that I have a high school girlfriend who is “Christian”.  She grew up in a family with no alcohol, no movies, no dancing, no parties.  She has married and is raising her family this way (although she did have a few crazy years when we moved away from home and became roommates.  Lord, if her mama only knew!!!).

She refuses to let her children (now teens) read the Harry Potter books.  They are about black magic and witchcraft, she says, which will contaminate her children’s souls.  Her pastor says so.  Oh dear.

I am grateful for my parents’ encouragement to read, for the gift of words and ideas, and for their ability to let go and let us make our own decisions about what we will think.

And because this was given in a strict Roman Catholic household, it was a true blessing.

My deep thoughts on pop culture, literature and religion on this fine summer day.  🙂  Especially with a glass of wine on the deck.  How Irish of me!

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A Sympathetic Shoulder

Workouts:  Monday – 3 miles at a leisurely pace after dinner.  Tuesday – 45 min. walk before work, 20 min. stroll at lunch and 30 min. walk after dinner.  It’s a gorgeous day – can you tell I need to be outside?

I had a long chat with one of my coworkers, Proposal Girl, today.

This is me at work.

In fact, my coworkers have nicknamed me Lucy.  It could be because I have an office with a door.  I’m the resident therapist.

You know, I also think it’s because listening skills are a dying art.  No one knows how to listen any more.  I’m a good listener.  Sometimes it does not serve me well.

Today, I’m sad for Proposal Girl.  She’s extremely stressed at work – she has to work closely with Obnoxious Sales Guy.  When he bugs me, I just close my door.  Go away, Obnoxious Sales Guy.

But I was happy to listen to Proposal Girl today.  She also has an extremely high-maintenance family and her mother lives with her.  Yikes!  She struggles with her weight and is trying to keep to Weight Watchers (with some success).  And she has a bad marriage behind her with no interesting romantic prospects ahead.

I’m happy to lend my sympathetic shoulder.  Happy to.

It also makes me appreciate my calm and lovely life.  I love my house.  I tolerate my job (but really like my boss).  I have nice friends, some money in the bank and my 15 year old Honda starts every single morning.  I have a great family and if I don’t have a sweetie at the moment, well, that’s just fine (for now).

Blessings, including this lovely day.

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Workouts:  3 45 minute walks after work last week, 2 30 minute lunctime walks.  Not sure what else – don’t remember.

I’m reading an interesting book (of course!) called The Habit Factor by Martin Grunburg.

The gist of the book, and I’m only half way through, is that much of our lives are governed not by concious action, but by habits, good and bad.  The author argues that it’s the snall consistant actions of our everyday lives that determine what we accomplish in life.  He has lots of great quotes from both historical giants and current great minds that support his theories – you may see some of them on the quote board shortly.

While I’m reading this, I’m formulating a short term (30 day) plan for better health,  As I move through the book, the author  will show how to apply his strategies to every area of life => career, health, energy, money, family, spirituality.

Interesting ideas.  I”m hoping that by building on my health experiments of this year and using some of the techniques in the book, I can reach some new health goals.

But first I have to get this freakin’ laptop fixed!!!!  It’s driving me crazy.  It’s going into the shop tomorrow for a couple of days, so bear with me.  Wish I could take some pictures of how pretty my wild roses and peonies are!  Here’s a pretty picture of what mine sorta look like.

On a completely different note (but not really), this is a small discussion about cycles and hormones.  And because I’m a math nerd, I have a graph…..

Isn’t it pretty?  God, I love numbers.

I am a creature of hormones.  Sometimes, I feel that I’m at the mercy of my hormones.  Just like my Mom, by the way.  My sisters take after my Dad.  I’ve kept a mood journal in the past to tie my state of mind to my hormones.  Here’s what I know for myself:

Days 1 – 14:  high energy, good mood, very moderate appetite

Day 14, 15:  high energy, high libido, party girl!

Day 16 – 24:  moody, lower energy, HUNGRY!  (This is new as I approach 50)

Day 24 – 28:  sad, exhausted, hungry (PMS)

Let me say that I’m never really outwardly bitchy because (if I do say so myself) I have very well developed social skills.  I mean, it’s only fair to the people around you to take responsibility for your words, right?

My goal as I finish this book is to take the knowledge gained from the experiments and work to formulate some small good habits over the next 30 days.

Stay tuned………


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Summer Days

Do you see a theme in my titles?  It’s all about the weather it seems.  This is true for all Canadians.  We live and breathe by the weather – likely because our summer and sunny seasons are so short.  NO ONE IN THE WORLD enjoys summer more than Canadians.

Activity this week:  none.  No excuses.  Just none.

It’s a glorious summer day on this long Victoria Day weekend. 

Which almost makes up for 10 straight days of rain.  My grass is cut.  The front shrub beds are weeded (still need mulching), and I’m ready to plant flowers.  Yahoo!  I’ll take pictures when I do.

Big news:  I have a job interview on Tuesday morning.  I took the day off anyway to enjoy a 4-day long weekend and this is a perfect way to spend the morning.  I’m really looking forward to trying out my big-girl interview skills.

It’s been 21 years since I’ve interviewed with a prospective employer for a job.  I was 28.  Now I’m all grown up.  I have a good feeling about this.  The possible job has 4 weeks holidays, and 24% more money than I made this year (14% more than the highest I’ve ever made with my current company).  I’d say that’s worth changing jobs.  And I believe that the job is……nice.  Calm.  Productive.  Which would be a big change from my crazy, problem, crisis-heavy job. 

Question:  If I have an easier job, with more money, will I have more energy for my personal life?  Will I have more mental energy to socialize, to workout, to eat better, to find joy?  I certainly hope so.

I feel that this is the year to make changes.  I’m going to be 50!


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Beltane – Happy May Day

Workout:  7.5km

It’s the beginning of a new season.  Today is May Day – or Beltane if you’re of the ancient Druid philosophy.

This is a very tame picture of the fire/fertility rites of days of old because I’m a prudish middle-aged hen.  Ahem!  OK, maybe not.

May has dawned bright and sunny and warm in Ottawa.  Finally.

It feels like being reborn.  Energy runs high.  People emerge from their homes after hibernating all winder long.  Sneakers are donned and Garmins are charged up.  Time to get moving again.

I got a great deal   (Living Social)  on a gym membership – 3 months for $50.  Yahoo!  I’ve registered and am awaiting my orientation appointment which I hope will be tomorrow.  I have 47,000 cupcakes to work off.

15 weeks until the big 5-0.  This girl wants to turn the page feeling energetic, fit, and strong.

Where, oh where, is all that fertility goddess action?

Happy May Day!

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