Zen and Evening Sunshine

Workout:  5km walk

It’s a glorious evening following a bright sunny day.

The park around the corner is filled with 10 year olds, screaming and yelling while playing World Cup Soccer!  I swear they look that talented to me.  These kids are amazing.

I came home from a relatively calm day at work, had a quick healthy dinner and blasted through kitchen clean-up.  Then I grabbed my sneakers, my iPod and my sunglasses for an evening walk.  But I didn’t even turn the music on because I just wanted to hear the beat of my steps, the voices of the neighborhood and the sound of kids having fun.

There’s a nice breeze coming in my front window, blowing my gauzy linen sheers.  And there’s an inquisitive little squirrel peeking in my patio doors from the deck, wondering if there may be treats hidden in my kitchen somewhere.

This is my favorite kind of summer day….balmy during the day with a slight nip in the air at night.  I love August.

Not bad for a Monday, eh?

Oh, and Boss’ Son dropped into the office to say hello again today.  I swear he’s flirting with me.  Once again, it’s good for the ego.  Makes me smile.

Have a zen evening in the sunshine.



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I’m bored…..

Workout:  1 mile, maybe…..strictly token.

I’m bored.

I don’t feel like doing anything.

I definitely don’t feel like doing anything that might require taking a shower and getting dressed, including socializing.

I just finished my book ((The Help) and loved it.  But now I have nothing to read.

It’s too hot to play outside.  And I’m tired of air conditioning.

I don’t feel like running errands or doing housework.  No laundry to do – my chore of choice.

There’s no budget for shopping.

I don’t feel like cooking anything, yet I’ve been eating all day.  Crap, in fact.

I slept well last night so I’m not tired enough for a nap.

I don’t feel like talking on the phone, or IM’ing.

There’s nothing on TV.

Tired of surfing the net.

Completely discontented.

What’s a girl to do when she has PMS?


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Yoga for Increased Bone Health

Later that same day….

I found it!  The article in the New York Times that mentions that yoga is great for bone health in the spine and hips of…..slightly more mature folks, shall we say?  As well, a regular yoga practice can decrease the risk of falls which is always a big problem as people lose their strength and consequently, their balance.  I see this challenge with my Mom often.  She is very frightened of falling and occasionally limits her activities if she’s anxious about it.  There is a link to the actual study in the last couple of paragraphs of the story.

Isn’t this a groovy picture?  Thanks, Google Images!

I can’t even do that pose now!!  Perhaps I should say….YET!

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Ahhhhhh….it’s Saturday

Workout:  nothing yet today.  Friday:  none.  Thursday:  30 walk at lunchtime.

Ahhhhh….it’s Saturday morning.  That means coffee on the deck.  That means a yummy breakfast (eggs over-easy, toast with butter and fresh berries).  That means peace and quiet.  That means increased mental energy and calm. All the better to plan the day.

Gotta love Saturday mornings.

Let’s see, what happened this week?

I went to see Friends with Benefits with Younger Sis.  Loved it!  It was a completely fun, giggly rom-com and perfect for a girls’ summer night out.  I’m now a big fan of Mila Kunis.  She has crazy-fabulous energy, gorgeous eyes and a Lauren Bacall voice.

Loved her in Black Swan too.

Justin Timberlake, I do love too, but mostly I like his music and the crazier characters he plays in movies (read:  Sean Parker).  Don’t love him as a romantic comedy lead.   However, if you don’t love his version of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, then you don’t love music.  It’s absolutely brilliant.

Plans for the day include getting some exercise, bagging up some clothes for donation, and grocery shopping.  For HEALTHY FOOD!  It’s been a bad week for convenience food.  PM S.  What can I say?  It seems to get me every month.

I’m also thinking about what kind of fitness plan I want to put into place for autumn.  Workouts this summer have been a bit hit-and-miss although I try to move every day.

I think I miss the gym.  There!  I said it.  I really wanted to change things up this year – do something different!  I’ve had some kind of gym membership for the last 25 years and I’m one of those people who actually used it (mostly).  I did lots of yoga this year but lost interest after a while.  However, I’m going do more after reading an article on how yoga increased the bone density in the spines and hips of middle aged women.  That’s me.  If I can find the article again, I’ll post it, but I may have read it at work.  I’ve also done lots of walking, a little running and regular stretching.

But it’s not enough.  I need to have a more regimented plan.  Since I’m almost 50, you know.

I have no idea where this gym is, but isn’t this a great weight room?

Oh, and someone flirted with me this week.  The Boss’ step-son.  While fixing my computer.  He’s our IT guy at work.  He’s newly single (actually in the throes of a messy co-hab split).  Nothing to take seriously, but definitely good for this 49 15/16ths girl’s ego.

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Strange Evenings

Workout:  2 miles

I’m having a very strange evening.

I’m watching So You Think You Can Dance.  Final 6.  Twitch just guest-danced.  God, I love Twitch.  Have you SEEN him??

I’m also doing laundry.  Load 2 just finished in the dryer.  Load 3 still in the washer.

If that’s not enough excitement for one girl on a summer evening, I’m also working on a client proposal that needs one final document….which I’m waiting for from Obnoxious Sales Guy.  I told him it had to be in my hands by 9:00pm because that’s when I turn into Cinderella, or the Wicked Witch or some other very beeeyotch-like female.  He should be very afraid if it doesn’t arrive in time.  Very afraid.

Do I earn enough to be working on a lovely summer evening.  N. O.

But that’s just the kind of employee I am.  Stupid and over worked.  Sadly.

By the way, only two weeks from today until I turn F-I-V-E  O-H.

How a year does fly by, doesn’t it?

A thought on being almost 50…..when I sit on my butt all day and then I sit on my butt all evening, I am stiff!  Creaky.  Unsteady.  Weak.  I guess I better not do this often.  Geez, what’s it going to be like when I’m 80?



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A Makeup Free Day

It’s been a relaxing, lounge-y day…..spending time at home, gardening, tidying, reading ( The Help ), and primping!

There was a morning pedicure on the deck – Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Cinna-Something.  Can’t remember the name but it’s a groovy color.

Followed that up with a mini-facial.  Boots Botanics Clay Mask.  It’s just a so-so product but anything that soaks up the extra grease is a good thing.  Isn’t this oiliness  supposed to slow down sometime soon?  Aren’t peri-menopausal women supposed to have dry skin?

And last but not least, a root touch up.   Miss Clairol in medium brown.  If I’d known how much time and effort my hair would require after I started going gray, I would have enjoyed my pretty virgin hair more in my 20’s!

Just a word or two on makeup, which I did not wear today…..

I have really oily, problem skin all my life.  Lots of TLC required to keep it looking semi-decent.  And some exceptional makeup products.  These are my favorites…

Lise Watier 24 Hr. Glam Mascara.  This baby does not run or rub off no matter how sad the movie or steamy the day.  Exceptional product.

Vichy Dermablend Foundation.  This has a beautiful feel, tons of pigment and nothing nasty to irritate skin.  A little goes a looooooooong way.

Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes Pencil Liner.  This stuff goes nowhere once it’s on.  Best liner ever.  No raccoon eyes.

Clinique Black Honey Lip Gloss.  This gloss looks good on everyone.   It’s been their top seller forever.  You can’t go wrong with this no matter what you’re wearing or where you’re going.

And of course, MAC eye shadows.  Nothing outperforms these babies.  Tons of pigment.  I stay away from the shimmer (at my age) and the girlie shades, like baby blue and neon green.

That’s my All Star lineup.  Some are expensive, but they’re worth every penny.

And sadly, it’s time to prep for another work week starting tomorrow.  Summer weekends are so short.

Enjoy a lovely holiday Monday night.


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Relaxing Mondays!

Workout:  5 km this morning (before it gets too hot!)

Is there anything better than a summer Monday morning on the deck with a great cup of coffee?  There is a warm breeze, but I’m sitting in the shade and enjoying the fact that I’m not at work!!

Doing a little surfing this morning and here are some interesting articles….

From  Runningintoshape.com, here is an article about a young women who went from 100+ pounds overweight to a beauty queen who won the swimsuit competition.  Originally, I was a little freaked out by the picture (check out the bony chest), but after a little research, I found an article on Bree Boyce that pictured her healthy fit figure.   Very inspiring.

Also on the subject of healthy weight, here is an article at Weighty Matters about how we consumers seem to give up our common sense when we want something unhealthy – like potato chips – and the manufacturer adds a healthy nutrient (and puts it on the label).   Interesting phenomena. The author of this blog, Yoni Freedhoff, is an obesity physician here in Ottawa.

On a completely different subject, and because Royal weddings have completely obsessed me this summer, here’s a fun article on Zara Phillips and Mike Tindell\’s wedding on the weekend.  I loved the tone of this wedding, royal protocol be damned!  How fun is this?

And finally, on the subject of common sense, did anyone really think that Jesse James\’ and Kat Von D\’s relationship was going to work?  The guy has a history of hookers and cheating.  Seriously?  C’mon Kat, every woman deserves better than that.

Amusing diversions on a Monday morning because (did I mention this already?) it’s a long weekend, it’s Monday morning, and I’m not working!


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